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Auto Loans

Purchasing a new or used vehicle? Get pre-approved today! Once you are approved, you can shop worry free at the dealership, knowing you’re already qualified for a loan. You are in control, which means you can focus on getting the best deal.

Or call us 1-859-292-9000

Recreational Vehicles

Make it “your” RV, motorcycle, boat, etc. Our recreational vehicle loans are great for getting that motorcycle you’ve been wishing for, a boat for the lake, or an RV for your next adventure.

Personal Loans

Our Personal Loans are perfect for anything you need in life.

All loans have the option for:

  • Payroll deduction
  • Credit, Life and Disability Insurance
  • Low Payment

Auto & Recreational Loans all have GAP option.

Mastercard Credit Card 

  • NO annual fee
  • NO balance transfer fee
  • NO “default rate” to contend with (if you are late with a payment with our card you simply pay the penalty fee along with your payment, your card rate does not change!)
  • Access your account information 24/7 online
  • Make your monthly payments on-line through home banking, by mail, or in person at Cove-FCU